Defending a Federal Criminal Case

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Defending a Federal Criminal Case

2016 Edition
Publication date: June 2016
ISBN-13 (print): 9780692671030
ISBN-13 (eBook): 9780692671047

Defending a Federal Criminal Case (DFCC), 2016 Edition, is the most-up-to date and comprehensive federal criminal defense practice guide available. Written by Federal Defenders, Assistant Federal Defenders, Criminal Justice Act (CJA) counsel, and Capital Resource Counsel, it is the definitive guide for lawyers practicing criminal law in the federal courts.

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Title information

The DFCC is the quintessential authority on federal criminal defense available today. It includes analysis on emerging issues in federal criminal law and practical advice on navigating challenging issues at all stages of federal criminal proceedings, from the bail hearing through trial and appeal. The DFCC is perfect for CJA practitioners with questions on a particular aspect of criminal law or practice as well as newer assistant federal public defenders looking for a useful reference guide as they start out. As such, the DFCC is a practitioner’s tool providing: a comprehensive, yet concise, statement of the legal issues addressed and insiders’ tips on how lawyers should navigate a case (e.g., what to watch out for, pitfalls to avoid, what to follow-up on, and what the “hot button” issues are in a particular area). The DFCC is a practice guide from a clearly defense-oriented perspective. Topics in the 2016 Edition include: Special Considerations in Representing Noncitizen Defendants, Federal Firearms Offenses, International and Foreign Law, Crime in Indian Country, Federal Sex Offenses, Common Constitutional Issues that Arise During Trial, International Border-Crossing Offenses, Mental Health Issues in Federal Criminal Practice, Evidence, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Plea Agreements, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and more!

Pages: 1,568
Language: English
Publisher: Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc
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